The Cost of supporting the community.

There is a one-time fee to access each Modern Shamanism Course. The payments are not for shamanism or for knowledge. That is free to the world, just as it was free to us to channel this divine wisdom into this course for people.
Modern Shamanism represents the tribal community that is lost in modern society. The cost of the courses serves three purposes:
  • It is your membership fee to enter and participate in this community
  • It is how you support the existence of the infrastructure of our community within the modern world, where the modern world requires money for existence
  • It is how we grow the community and make this knowledge available to everyone that would benefit from it.
Modern Shamanism has all the tools for life fulfillment, including financial abundance. We have already used these tools and we know they work. Modern Shamanism is our labor of love. Learn through Modern Shamanism how to gain the freedom to be able do the things that you love and that fulfill you. Take the steps to live the life you've always wanted. Join us in this experience.